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Many clients means many claims management or tracking systems. Our adjusters and examiners are familiar with most "out of the box" style management systems, as well as a number of customized systems. For those clients that may not have their own system developed, we can offer a web based customizable system, tailored to the specific needs of the client.

Our claims management system is constantly under development in an effort to keep abreast of new advances in technology and deliver streamlined access and intuitive document retrieval. 

This system not only allows secure access to relevant documents, reports and at-a-glance status updates, but also allows adjusters and examiners to collaborate in real-time via video, voice or text to generate the perfect end product. 



Our file handling process at a glance:

Our file handling process generally far exceeds the standards for file handling issued by our client carriers. Below is a brief description of the typical step-by-step process that has become our personal standard for handling your files:


  • Claim is received via email, fax, online or by telephone
  1. Claim is entered into our CMS
  2. Claim is assigned to adjuster, who is notified via telephone and email
  3. Acknowledgment is sent to client
  • Adjuster Handling
  1. Insured is contacted on the same business day of assignment
  2. Loss is inspected within 48 hours
  3. Report is submitted for internal review within 5 days
  • Internal Review
  1. Each and every file is reviewed by a staff examiner intimately familiar with the policies and procedures of your company
  2. File revisions are performed in house to ensure speedy delivery to the client 
  3. *Complete report is submitted to the client within 7 days
    • In the event of a large loss or directions from the client to secure an agreed cost or bids from a contractor or emergency mitigation service, a first report will be submitted within 5 days.
  • Revisions & Re-Inspections
  1. Any carrier requested file revisions are completed the day they are requested
  2. The client will not be charged any additional fees if a re-inspection is required as a result of items that were overlooked by the field adjuster (hidden damages do not apply).

Claims Management System Access

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