Tools & Supplies for Field Adjusters

We have compiled this page in the interests of making it easier for our field adjusters to secure the tools and supplies that they will need in the field. Below is as comprehensive a list as we could put together for your needs. If you're just starting out, you'll likely need an item or two from each category. This list is updated as new technologies and tools come available. 

Roof Inspection Tools

Shingle Gauges, Pitch Meters and Metal & Membrane Gauges are tools that are used with high frequency, and are a must for a good photo report. 

UAV's and Drones

Drones are quickly becoming the "go-to" tools for high and steep or otherwise difficult or dangerous to access risks. We have compiled a few of the most useful drones around, and would like to remind everyone that utilizing a drone or UAV for commercial purposes is subject to FAA rules and regulations. 


From laptops to cameras and cell phones and infrared imagery, this will be the most expensive arena that consitently needs upgrades. We will list a couple of different price points for each category.

Measuring Devices

Tape measures. We all use them, we all break them, and it never hurts to have spares. You can order all types of tapes below, from manual to digital. 

A requisite for interior water damage inspections and photo reports, moisture meters are spectacular tools for determining if an area can be repaired or if the materials require replacement. Many types of moisture meters are available. 

Safety Equipment

When accessing high and steep roofs, quality safety equipment is a must. We have compiled a short list of the safety equipment that every adjuster should have.


Roof Access tools: *Be sure to ensure that the item is appropriate for your weight category!

Cougar Paws and skate style shoes are likely the most important piece of potentially life saving equipment that an adjuster carries. Wear them on every shingled roof, every time! Get your cougar paws, skate shoes and/or replacement pads below (it is our experience that old-school Chuck Taylors work best on DRY metal roofs).

Ropes & Harnesses: When selecting a harness, it is imperative that the adjuster physically tries the harness out prior to purchasing. Many harnesses are uncomfortable, and a good fit that does not prevent proper circulation is a must. An adjuster inspecting a complex roofing system can be in a harness for quite some time, and range of motion and circulation are important factors to consider.

There are a wide variety of rope systems out there. We recommend a professional/competition grade rope system, with at least an 11.7mm diameter. We recommend a minimum length of 300', so that adjusters can access high roofs with limited anchor points (300' will allow the rope to drape over an average two story risk with anchor points 100' from the risk). Rope protections sleeves are also a must, as they protect the ridge vents/caps from becoming damaged by the ropes, and prevent shingle granules from embedding into your rope and destroying it. 

In addition to ropes, you will need a descending tool, throw bag with line and something to hold it all. The below options are but a few of the best tools around for the jobs. 

Manuals & Guides

These little gems can be invaluable when attempting to describe the cause and origin of damages to contractors and insureds. Many types of damages such as shingle migration, blistering and vertical racking are mistakenly identified as wind or hail damage by contractors, insured's and adjusters. Carrying these manuals with you on field investigations can immediately resolve disagreements, and an adjuster can not only use them as reference guides, but can display the glossy photos and descriptions of typical peril and non-peril related damages to any party. 

General Adjuster Supplies

Small but important office and field supplies that you will use regularly

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